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In South Carolina, practically speaking, there are only two types of real estate agents. Traditional agents who all represent the sellers and Buyers agents who represent only the buyer.

In your first conversation with a real estate agent, ask them to provide you with a written statement disclosing who they work for. Then you make the decision.

Some traditional agents will tell you that they can be a Buyer's agent for you. That is true, but they can't represent you and show you any of the homes their company has listed for sale since that would be a conflict of interest. Some companies have hundreds of listings; so why put yourself in a situation where you eliminate maybe a third of the market.

Home Buyer Representation Realty, Inc., doesn't list any homes so we can show you everything, including homes for sale by owner. If you believe, as I do, that using professional relocation services, that using one stop shopping to make things easier for you and that using a buyer's agent is the only way to go when buying a home, contact me.


George Krausz, Broker
Home Buyer Representation Realty, Inc.

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